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About us

We are an Italian-English husband and wife team whose journey has landed us in Bournemouth on the south coast of England. We are united by many things, one of them being our love of photography. It was in fact a simple photo that allowed us to meet, whilst on a boat, somewhere in the Adriatic sea, just as the sun was setting, Helena captured a silhouette of Alessandro who was also photographing the same scene and 7 years later we are still side by side, now with a child in tow, and our cameras constantly in our hands.

- Here we are -

Another passion we share is a desire to see new places and faces and our itchy feet have taken us to many countries, always travelling as light as possible bar our camera equipment. We love the thrill of discovering all that's new and being able to tell our story by recording our precious moments into images. We definitely believe in the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" as photos give us a language to express feelings when there are often no words. It is through photography that we are able to share what we find beautiful and interesting with others allowing them to see the world through our eyes. Most importantly photographs matter to us as they give us the incredible possibility of freezing moments in time which might otherwise pass unremarkable and be forgotten.

- Helena's shots -

When we were asked to photograph our first wedding, we thought it a daunting task, but we found that it gave us incredible joy and satisfaction. We believe every emotion has a place in photography and a wedding is the perfect opportunity to see emotions at their most raw. At that first wedding we tried to capture every laugh, smile and tear of joy, everything that the couple might have felt but not have seen on the day but we knew would be so valuable for them to relive later. Fortunately, they loved the photos as much as we loved taking them and since then, merely by word of mouth, we have continued to photograph weddings and many other important milestones for individuals and families. Every event we consider to be so beautifully unique and a new opportunity for us to record every precious moment.

- Alessandro's shots -

Working alongside each other has made us aware of our different styles and techniques, Helena being more artistic and Alessandro being more technical, and we have found that when put together they can create the perfect combination.

Alongside our photography Alessandro is a computer-wizz and currently works as a freelance web designer and Helena works in a social care setting assisting adults with learning disabilities.


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