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We like to take natural shots of couples at a location of their choice and for the photos to reflect their personalities. This is a great way for you to get to know us. It also helps you learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera. Lastly, it provides us plenty of creative freedom to shoot some beautiful photos.

- A few examples of our style of pre-wedding photography -


This type of photography is some of the most rewarding that we do. We love witnessing these magical moments, and being able to capture images of the wonderful bond between parents and their children. As parents ourselves we know firsthand how precious having these photos can be.

- A few examples of our style of maternity, infant and family photography -


We love food and how beautiful it can look. We aim to set up the perfect composition and to bring out the vibrant colours and textures of food in order to get really mouth-watering shots. Here are some examples from a cookbook in the making.

- A few examples of our style of food photography -


What a privilege it is to be able to see the world and share it with others. We especially love to capture a place through its people and to attempt to tell their story through our photographs.

- A few examples of our style of travel photography -


With our portraits we aim to bring out the unique expressions, personality and mood of our subjects whilst adapting the composition of the photograph to the needs of the client.

- A few examples of our style of portrait photography -


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