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Our style

We both love photography, but, as it should be, we focus on different aspects of the world around us, hence we complement each other by working together.

Helena loves to emphasise small details, adores to enhance the depth of field, seeks to highlight the subjects through natural openings, plays on light and shadow, but most of all loves capturing people's expressions and emotions. She has a knack for creating the right composition, and takes care of all the details until she creates the perfect image that really shows just how beautiful the world is through her eyes.

Alessandro is fascinated by light, its nuances, its contrasts and most of all by its games when it plays with water and its forms. He loves animals and likes to portray them in their environment, even more so if he can shoot their majesty and physicality. He also likes capturing the most sincere moments of people, and his portraits, with the right light and the right moment can result in magical pictures. He has a particular passion for silhouettes, where the forms emerge to convert a deeper sense of emotions.

- A few examples of our style of wedding photography -

Wedding photography

During weddings we try to offer a constant presence that is discreet and hopefully almost invisible. Except for any formal shots our photos are not posed but instead we try to demonstrate the natural joy that brings friends and family together. We consider it an honour to be allowed "behind the scenes" as we photograph the anticipation of the bride and groom getting ready right through to the late night merriment. Every moment in between is unique and our duty is to catch each one and exalt it with our technique and artistic skills. The final result is a wedding reportage where laughter, tears and smiles intertwine and blend together to create beautiful memories for you to treasure.


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